An Overview

Collection Development Policy (CDP) determines the qualitative factors of the Library and is subject to periodical evaluation for effectively controlling contents and media. How to refresh the Library Collection? Have you heard of MinMax theory? With minimum resources, we have to maximize our returns. Library acqusition calls for high managerial skill of the library personnel to regulate the right flow of right materials. NirmalA has considered several factors at the design stage itself and incorporated some of the existing practices and added new features in line with Total Quality Management (TQM) techniques. It follows a set of procedures that are normally adopted while making purchase of new books. Facts and figures are made available at the press of a Hotkey. Decision-making process is made delightful and not derisive. It would be a great relief to the Acquistion Division. Effective Fiscal control tones up the Library Administration. Periodical reports present the true state of affairs. If this Module is properly used, manual labour could be saved and intellectual work could be contemplated.

What this Module Does for You

  • Builds the database of Titles (subject-wise) recommended by the BookSelection Committee (BSC) on an approval basis
  • Adds to the original commitment the current commitment in each subject so as to restrict the placement of orders well within the allotted amount.
  • Does Duplicate checking through ISBN and Author /Title before appending the records to the Transaction File. This automatic duplicate checking not only eliminates the avoidable items, but also saves much of the Technical Assistants time.
  • Keeps the Vendor file as a sort of directory of the Book Business Circle (BBC).
  • Places Orders subject-wise with the selected vendor.
  • Prepares Purchase orders department-wise for for checking the amount spent against the allotted.


  • Maintains the Fund file by updating the opening balance and closing balance as and when bills are forwarded along with the voucher for payment
  • Rechecks orders received for tallying the price with the cost and the number ordered with the received.
  • Generates customized reports--PO date-wise,Titles order-wise, Department-wise books purchased, Vendor-wise voucher payment register and Department-wise fund position as and when required.

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