An Overview

In terms of currency, there is a great divide in library resources: periodicals and books. As the Library spends nearly one-third of its budget on current literature, Serials Control System cannot be coupled with the General Acquisition. This takes care of the Current/Retrospective Collection of Periodical Literature. It monitors the incoming issues of the journals and claims pending issues. Creation of the Serials Database as per ISDS makes it easy for exchange of records and preparation of union catalogue. Provides online access to the retrospective collection. It does other routines involved in the Acquisition. This self-contained module would prove to be a handy tool to control the valuable information resources for the immediate use of the research scholars.

What This Module Does for You

  • Maintains Master Serial records file.
  • Records the Issues received.
  • Readies New Acquisition List.
  • Keeps track of the issues sent to bindery.
  • Attends to Claims and Renewal Requests.
  • Undertakes the coordination with the local subs-cription agencies.
  • Controls the budgetary provisions.
  • Creates voucher for advance payment.
  • Lists out the Expected Arrivals.
  • Supports Retrospective Online Serials Search(ROSS)


  • Maintains the Fund file by updating the opening balance and closing balance as and when bills are forwarded along with the voucher for payment
  • Rechecks orders received for tallying the price with the cost and the number ordered with the received.
  • Generates customized reports--PO date-wise,Titles order-wise, Department-wise journalss purchased, Vendor-wise voucher payment register and Department-wise fund position as and when required.

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